Weekend Things

 Why is it so hard to leave the house sometimes? I miss long morning walks and hikes on the weekends. Recently I’ve felt more busy than not, and it’s gotten easier and easier to skip walks and hikes and the hours I used to spend wandering downtown. I think I’ve convinced myself that leisure time is unproductive, or worse, unimportant… When really, it’s the happiest I am all week.

This Saturday I finally made it down to Claremont for a steep stairway walk through the hills, behind the beautiful Claremont Hotel & Spa. There were gorgeous views, blue skies and sunshine. And roses. So, so many roses. 

Here are my favorite links this weekend.
The Real Secret to Productivity: It’s all about routines and systems. Are we even surprised?
How Do Some People Always Stay Upbeat? An old question, an old answer, but worth remembering.
Should we really Stop Vilifying Almonds? Almonds are one of the biggest water-consuming crops in California, and they’ve exploded in popularity in the last few years. That’s a big problem right now, as the state goes through a major drought. Almonds are currently using 10% of the state’s agricultural water supply. But almonds are part of a much larger problem of water use and agriculture in California. Either way, I’ll probably stop buying almond milk (for now). 
I love this illustrated recipe journal. It’s beautiful.
I ate these dumplings at a fancy Italian restaurant in North Berkeley, and it was one of the best things I ever ate. Who knew you could make them at home? Trying this when I work up the courage + confidence.
Matcha Mint Iced Tea is something I want to stock my fridge with.
I’m in love with ALL THE DONUTS! There may be a donut recipe coming up later this week.
Bananas + cream are a classic dessert combo, and I feel like they’re making a comeback right now. Making this easy banana pudding.
Have you ever wondered why every single recipe seems to be baked at 350F? I know I have. Some answers from The Kitchn. 
Hillary Clinton is running for president in 2016! How do we feel about this?
Currently reading: This nearly 800-page novel for a contemporary fiction class that I love. 

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