Weekend Things

Succulents in a North Berkeley garden

{I caught a glimpse of these succulents next to the sidewalk on an early morning walk.}

There are some weeks when I have the time to cook a new recipe every night, or photograph a couple of posts in one long afternoon. This hasn’t been one of those weeks. I’ve been trying to eat simpler, healthier foods. Usually something I can make a batch of and stash in my fridge to grab-and-go later. But often something as simple as a protein bar or an egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin. Which is to say, stuff that isn’t quite blog-worthy. 

In lieu of a recipe this week, here’s what I’ve been reading on the internet and dreaming of cooking up in my kitchen. 

This round up is going to be a long one, so links are after the jump!

Thinking of foraging, but terrified that I’ll bring home something poisonous. Maybe, though, I’ll begin with stinging nettles. They seem pretty darn fool proof. Also, how gorgeous are Bon Appetit’s stinging nettle crisps

I want to be here. 

Thanks, Mark Bittman, for breaking down the almond issue in a totally sensible way

Don’t make a bucket list— make a list of 100 dreams

This pretty, sparkly LA loft… I could never live somewhere with this much glitter and shine, but I would so love to Airbnb here. 

This video popped up in my RSS reader. I thought it was going to be another ski film, but it turned out to be all kinds of beautiful and heartbreaking and inspiring. Endurance and the Pursuit of Happiness

Finding motivation on important but non-urgent tasks. This is always hard. But this list from Leo is a good reminder to always keep trying to fit these tasks into your day, week, or month. The first tip on this list is always the most important for me. Reconnect with why it matters. 

Hop on over to Bon Appetit to take a food- and drink-fueled trip through the streets of Bogota. Dreaming of going here. 

Just the food of Bogota, here.

A literary city guide to Buenos Aires. I might as well start planning my South American vacation now. 

The cold brew tonic is a thing now. 

I want to cook all of the things!

I’ve been feeling inspired by the “Saturday Six” posts on Oh My Veggies lately. They’re like loose, easy weekly meal plans. I’ve started doing something similar by picking out a handful of recipes I want to make each week. 

Sandwiches are the perfect summer lunch. Just right for packed lunches, picnics, hikes, and days at home. Loving these 31 variations. 

This California rainbow veggie sub is the stuff dreams are made of. 

Could totally eat these green goddess sandwiches all week. Pretty much all my favorite sandwich ingredients in one place. 

Still on the fence about collard wraps. Haven’t tried them yet… But I might soon. 

Always looking for the best pizza

I know this kabocha squash and fennel soup is supposed to be a fall dish, but I’m craving it for foggy bay area summer evenings. 

This ultra gorgeous fig and melon salad. With extra feta, of course!

Another great salad, this one with crunchy green beans, snow peas, and green peas. So pretty. 

These chocolate dipped grahams with smoked sea salt. I will never doubt the usefulness of finishing salts again. 

Dying to make New York-style soft pretzels. Soft pretzels are such a treat. Always, always brushed with butter + dipped in spicy cheese sauce!

These moist yellow cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting from Sally’s Baking Addiction. A classic. Made these in a big pan earlier this week!

Homemade Danish pastry dough (+ a video tutorial!) Allie really breaks down the art of Danish-making… And it’s not intimidating at all. 

Currently binge watching: Grace and Frankie on Netflix. It’s so good! It’s created by Marta Kauffman, who also brought her genius to Friends. Which I’ve also been binge-watching on Netflix.

Summertime is for sun, sand, and a good read on the beach. Currently piecing together my summer reading list. Updates next week!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Things”

    1. Allie, thank you! I loved your Danish video so, so much! I’ve always thought of Danishes as really hard to make, and I loved how you broke it down into simple, clear steps.

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