Weekend Things

It has officially been spring for nearly a month, but only now does it feel real.

I spent an hour wandering around my favorite market yesterday, and spotted fiddlehead ferns and ramps on the shelves. Ramps! I’ve never cooked them before, but everyone seems to love them. I brought home a bunch to sauté for dinner tonight.

While I have been a little overwhelmed with school work (as mentioned in this post), it’s hard not to be happy when springtime comes around. The good weather puts me in a good mood, and I am always looking for a chance to spend some time outside.

I hope that snow has turned to spring for you, that cold days have been traded for warm ones, that afternoons spent hiding indoors in wool socks have been swapped out for iced tea on the patio.


Here are some of my favorite things I’ve read this week.
Are we The Shut-In Economy? Joy the Baker’s blog pointed me to this piece. There are many good discussions to be had on staying in, buying back your time, entitlement, and class differences.
In the spirit of springtime, I want to make all of Yotam Ottolenghi’s asparagus recipes. Asparagus with mushrooms and poached egg? A recipe after my own heart.
I’ve been craving Chinese takeout and there’s a big bag of green beans in my fridge. I’m thinking something along the lines of these recipes may be in order.
Have you ever wondered what a chef’s home kitchen would look like? This is it. Ina’s kitchen is as light and bright as I imagined it would be, and Pierre Herme’s is appropriately hip.
One of my favorite fashion blogs linked to this piece, where Hallie Wilson of Corals + Cognac talks about leaving her job for full-time blogging. Not for everyone, but some real talk on self employment.
Also relevant: Alistair Humphreys’s Thoughts on Turning Your Hobby Into Your Career.
And finally, Nick Offerman’s Paddle Your Own Canoe. This is some straight-up life advice. I love Offerman’s simple, straight forward, and just plain awesome outlook on life. I have this on audiobook, and listening to it makes me happy. Highly recommended.

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